Farm to Table

Our food is killing us while billions are spent each year on healthcare. Amys Produce believes that seeds, water and light grows the best produce. We add some beneficial life forms a low dose of compost and Nature takes over from there. Plant-based organic farming without the use of animal by-products. Different operations do require different options, however bio mass from meat packaging plants is not what we want in our food or garden. Decide for yourself.

Amys Produce grows sweet lettuces including a mini Bibb and a beautiful romaine with red-speckled leaves that is simply delicious to eat and beautiful to look at. Every head of lettuce is $5 and if you are looking for a little bit of sweetness, then try a delicious apple fritter at

Due to the nature of our operations our store page displays our products, however products cannot be added to the cart prior to harvest.  Register today and receive email alerts ahead of the public on upcoming harvests.  Thank you for your support.