Nursery to Home

We have a 35 heads available for harvest on July 1, 2021, to get yours for the 4th of July. What’s even better is that you can pick up your lettuce unharvested right in its nursery container. Take it home and keep it in a cool place until you are ready to eat. Please keep the little gals and guys out of the sun or heat above 70 degrees or they may flower on you which is not so yummy. When you harvest, dump the potting mix and keep the container or return on your next visit.

Amys nursery believes that seeds, water and light grows the best plants. We add some beneficial life forms and nature takes over from there. We grow a variety of editable and aromatic plants plants that provide some of the most beautiful smelling fragrance imaginable. Stop wasting money on candles that burn away and enjoy the beauty, tranquility and wonder of potted plants. Plants can be moved into the garden however we implore you to experience the taste and smells of keeping them indoors. Are you looking for a little bit of sweetness, then try a delicious apple fritter at

Due to the nature of our operations our store page displays our products, however products cannot be added to the cart prior to harvest.  Register today and receive email alerts ahead of the public on upcoming harvests.  Thank you for your support.